London: The Kids at Raindance Film Fest

Film “The Kids from Marx and Engels Street”, directed by Nikola Vukcevic, was shown during the 23 “Raindance” International Film Festival in London. The UK audience and many visitors from former Yugoslavia had an opportunity to see this story on the generation that grew up with some new and different ethical values which the dissolving of former Yugoslavia brought.

The experienced crew including Petar Bozovic, Ana Sofrenovic and Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, as well as younger and not less talented Bogdan and Otasevic delighted the audience in London.  After the film, the audience had an opportunity to as questions to Director Vukcevic.

Note from the Raindance film fest catalogue about our film: “Momčilo Otašević delivers an understated but affecting performance as Stanko, a man torn between his dreams, his desire to be a good brother, and his obsession with vengeance. Steeped in the miasma of the Yugoslav War, ‘The Kids from Marx and Engels Street’ spins a tense, melancholy, and yet startlingly hopeful tale of revenge and brotherhood”. Read more.