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The Face of Honour, feature film / INTRODUCTORY PREMISES
The Term of SACRIFICE: the issue of collective vs. personal interest

When a child under pursuit finds refuge in the house of an enemy of his people, the master of the house is faced with a terrible moral dilemma: surrender the child to his persecutors and sacrifice his honour, or refuse and forfeit the lives of his entire family. The film re-examines the value of an individual human sacrifice through the prism of two different worlds: the world of honour and the world of war.



DIRECTOR’ NOTE: What is this film about?

Dignity and honour are the basic values of numerous societies, not only of our multinational and multi-confessional Montenegro, but regardless of how these stories sound already heard and/or known – we are sure that they have to be constantly told, for the sake of a general interest. Consequently, in artistic and human terms, what has made us very happy and inspired is the story of THE FACE OF HONOUR, written by distinguished writer and academic Zuvdija Hodžić, believing that it speaks from our moral and artistic being. One morning, by which the film begins, Albanian and Muslim (para)army from the times of the World Word II will cross the river intending to ethnically cleanse the other part of the village: by killing, chasing and house burning. During the slaughter, one Christian child, attempting to rescue himself, finds a shelter on the other part of the village, on the other bank of the river, in the house of Nuredin Doka, Albanian and Muslim, the protagonist of this film. The main issue of this film is how Nuredin is going to act with this child. The submission of a child entails its death, and later on the loss of the honour of the family.

At the same time, if Nur does not give the child – this will mean he puts at risk the life of his whole family. It is exactly these circumstances which will make the main character, Nuredin, question the value of his honour and faith. To what extent Nuredin is ready not to ruin the honour of his predecessors and keep besa, Nuredin finds out in the most difficult possible way. Although placed in the past, this story quite corresponds to today’s times we live in: universal, present and suitable for identification of spectators, regardless of what times, place or social group they belong, this topic – authentically positioned on the North of Montenegro – is equally important for all, as it deals with what is the best in all of us: dignity, principality and moral values we must not forget. To act honourably, to keep the given promise, even at the cost of the life – is an example of magnificent besa, whose existence reminds us of forgotten values of the deepest human feeling – the feeling of dignity and honour. This film tackles all this, at the moment when not only in the Balkans, but also globally, we are don’t have confidence in virtue and security, with which we were brought up. Believing that today, on the Balkans and in Europe, we really need this story, a story which exceeds religious and national divisions, believing we need it for our multinational and multi-confessional Montenegro – we are happy to have it written like this by the estimated academic Zuvdija Hodžić, and we are already happy and fulfilled through the part of this film story we already recorded (around 25% of the film). In this way (by the film language) – we are certain that we will leave it even more functional to the forthcoming generations.

Despite the fact that the film is set with the reflection of historical and socio-political premises, it is an intimate historical drama, based on questioning a personal act which leaves deep consequences, not only to those implementing such action – but also to their family and overall environment.

Thus, our drama is based on the feeling of a high price – ready to be paid by our protagonists from the very beginning, for the sake of what they regard as a general interest. In this respect, the protagonists of this drama should be defined by the ancient domain as heroes with the full capacity of the scope of this term. Therefore, aiming to question the values of a life and what such life can change, at the cost of what is most valuable – one’s own sacrifice, our heroes (the members of the family of Nur Doka), each in their own way, within the patterns of their own abilities – striving to belong to something higher than existential, will ask this difficult question, searching for a timeless response with readiness to pay the highest price. In this phase of the work on the film, we already believe that the questions we examine will provide a strong emotional response based on love, and that this topic, through our drama situations, will not only open certain questions in the right way – but also establish the communication with a wide audience, due to a simple reason that all characters in this drama story – not only have their own vitality, but a distinct need to interpret in their own way what is exactly happening around them, who is to blame and how should be decided in future. Their personal way, which emphasizes the uniqueness of each human being (each character in this story), and deep authenticity and strength of motivation towards certain type of behaviour – were principal ideas while working on dramaturgy of these characters in the script, and during the rehearsals with the actors. Accordingly, let’s go together through the world of the characters of the film.

The Face of Honour / BETWEEN TWO WORLDS
The world of honour and the world of war

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Production: Galileo production Montenegro, in association with: Cinnamon Beograd, Progressive films NU
Support: Film centre Montenegro, Film centre Serbia, Montengrin Ministry of culture, CEKUM Podgorica, City of Bar

Feature film

Film director
Nikola Vukcevic

Ana Vujadinović
Melina Pota

Script associate
Nikola Vukčević

Script doctors
David Pope
Andrea Magnani

The script was created by the adaptation of the motifs from the story of the FACE OF HONOUR, written by academic Zuvdija Hodžić

Film producers:
Nikola Vukcevic
Milorad Radenovic

Ivica Vidanovic
Nevena Savic

Executive producers:
Milorad Radenovic
Jelena Filipovic

Cast: Uloge: Edon Rizvanolli, Nikola Ristanovski, Aleksandar Radulovic, Ana Vuckovic, Igor Bencina, Elez Adzovic, Alban Ukaj, Vuk Bulajic, Merisa Redzovic, Hana Pavlovic, Branimir Popovic, Xhejlane Terbinja, Selman Jusufi…
DoP: Djordje Stojiljkovic, costume: Lidija Jovanovic, scenography: Stanislav Nikicevic, mask: Natasa Sevcnikar, sound: Igor Vujovic, Djoko Jablan, editing: Olga Toni.

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